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The Three RRRs

The basic rules to success people forget general learning skills to succeed. How one’succeed is determined by learning methodology. READING comprehending books, magazines, e books and other reading materials successfully require REVIEW. Why reviewing is essential repeatly one’s will analyzed reading with sharp knives. After reviewing RECITE one’s need to practice speaking within self and expressing words correctly before PUBLIC SPEAKING. Incorporating the THREE RRRs confront self esteem issues and improve confidence tremendously.

Exercising 0001

Perhaps developing exercising requires strategies with routine schedules to achieve physical results. When starting overcoming mental barriers and disipline are essential goals. Achieving goals require patience and timeframes of physical results. I started November, 2016 to lose weight. I have lost 15 lb. I feel refreshed and excited daily. I was typically 200 to 205 lb. Weekly walking-12miles to 15miles and eating adequate meals help tremendously. My physical goals is return to bench press 300-350. I will write weekly and thanks readers and get fit to balance lifestyles.

Campaign Branding

When creativing brands with flavors, the developers or writers will have challenges but focusing require selling words and creative images. Social media get right for the new kid of the world wide web that’s IN TO WIN for the long term with missions that penetrate the minds and visions of the one’s that are willingly to climb the ladders to ABC success. Join the Fasttaxcity TEAM rural america , millennium, disables that don’t give up and elderly that are enjoying the GOLDEN ages. The TIME IS NOW for empowering humanity different missions. We overcome when having compassion on humankind.

Destiny 2

The creative writing TEAM will be on every Friday for thinkers, matured students, and baby boomers that’s serious that dare leap their FAITHs into the entrepreneur’s ponds on September 5, 2017.